Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Sugar Boost

What happens when I just need that quick sugar boost, but have no SCD baked goodies on hand? When I just need that piping hot tea with something gooey?? I always make sure to have on hand fresh medjool dates, cocoa butter, and pecan flour. Here's the method: Take a small chunk of cocoa butter, place it in a ziploc bag, put into a glass measuring cup, and pour some boiling water over it. The cocoa butter will melt in just minutes. Cut each date in half, remove the pit, dip each half into the melted cocoa butter and then coat with a generous layer of pecan flour. The results: a gooey yummy treat that leaves me wondering why I slave over all those cookies and cakes when this is sooooooooo good and takes practically nothing to prepare! Print this post

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Anonymous said...

HOMEMADE HALVA; TAKE TAHINI AND ADD HONEY, APPROX 2:1 tahini to honey but taste and adjust. opt-add a little vanilla. mix well and keep in container somewhere handy for a quick snack. great for a sandwich spread for those non SCD-ers, and so healthy too.