Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Lunch

I make this lunch all the time, and can't get enough of it: I take a baked barbeque chicken top from last night's dinner, debone it, and mash it with homemade mayo. It should look like tuna at this point. I then add a large veggie salad, and mix it all together. The results: a very satisfying, wholesome lunch that keeps me going for hours : )

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can eat it right off the screen! Great idea! I sometimes do similar with the chicken from the chicken soup when I make a big batch. I mash it up and dice in cucumbers and sour pickles with home made mayo and salt and pepper. Thanks for the recipes. Keep them coming.

Anne said...

Hi Esther, don't think I've commented here before :-). Mmm, this post reminds me to make some mayo and some chicken soon. I'm going to have to try the winther squash fries as well - I live in Europe, so this is a fairly exotic foodstuff for me, I envy you the farmer's market! Thanks for posting the two recipes. I made some baked butternut squash from a Jamie Oliver recipe the other day (still have one squash left...) but it didn't taste like much - I wonder if squash varies in taste with ripeness like other veggies. Thanks for blogging about scd :-)

Anonymous said...

mmmmm-yes it was an absolutely yummy lunch with a bit of a difference !! i'll be sure to make it again .