Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SCD Shalach Manos

I hope you all had a very joyous purim! What a jam-packed 24 hours, full of fun and meaning! I'm sure it wasn't easy receiving all those yummy shalach manos that you weren't able to touch... at least it hasn't been for me. But for Debby things were different. Someone who really cared about her actually made her a beautiful SCD shalach manos! How very special! Debby was so moved and it so inspired her to continue doing the SCD faithfully! I'll let Debby have her word: "I received a very special Shalach Manos. I was totally speechless! The food was delicious, but the way it was packaged, with such creativity made is so much more special. You can see from the pictures. The effort to hot glue all those bows on, and the fact that each type of cookie was put in its own clear plastic box, completed the entire package. It’s a bit hard to see what’s inside so I’ll tell you: the middle is a big cashew cake with two types of frosting plus some crumbs on top. Yum!! One little box had tiny hamentashen, another had these jelly roll cookies and thumbprint cookies, another had taffy type of candy which is a sucking candy if you eat it frozen, and the last had biscotti with the ends dipped in some candy (I think the same as the taffy) and then in coconut. Each item was so delicious. I enjoyed having my own stash of treats that was given to me, and didn’t feel like I missed out on Purim one bit. As much as I’ve gotten used to only eating food that I made myself, it was a real treat to get this Shalach Manos full of yummy food that was new to me that I didn’t slave over. You know what I mean? Sometimes it’s just so nice to be served and not have to make everything yourself! It really added to my Simchas Purim – for real." Print this post

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Ellen Z.G. said...

That is beautiful! Mazal tov, Debby, on having such supportive people in your life!