Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dinner in a Jiffy!

Working/busy moms, this one's for you!! I make this dinner at least once a week, and surprisingly do not get bored of it in the least bit...
I love turkey! It satisfies me so much more than good 'ol chicken, yet does not have any of the heaviness of meat. More so, due to its tryptophan content, turkey is a relaxation-promoting food, just what I need after a full day of work! So... here's what you need for this dinner:

1 large onion, peeled and sliced
1/2 head garlic, peeled
4 mini turkey drumsticks
1 pkg. pre-cut butternut squash (available in most fruit stores)
1 bag frozen sugar snap peas

In the morning, before heading out to work, place onion and garlic cloves in a 4 qt. pot. Place turkey directly above. Do not add any water. Cover pot, and let cook on the lowest possible flame. Rush out to work. When you return home (6-8 hours later) dump squash and peas on top of turkey. Allow to cook for one more hour. Enjoy your one-pot delicious dinner. For me it's imperative to eat this with plenty of mayo or ketchup.
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